If you’re launching a new alcohol business – beer, wine, spirits, etc. – there are a variety of ways to tackle brand development. The easy thing to do is to hire a big time agency. You’ll get a talented team of creatives, fresh ideas, and professional execution…but it won’t be cheap. Maybe your friend or cousin or sister is a designer, or you think that crowdsourcing or managing a variety of freelancers will get you the best of all worlds. You’ll save some money, and might even get something that looks pretty good, but this sort of bootstrapping and juggling often leads to a brand that’s inconsistent, lacking strategy, and that will cost a lot more to “fix” later.

Upstart Food Brands sits in-between these two approaches. We provide full-service brand development, packaging up everything you need to get to market – brand naming, storytelling, identity, packaging design, photography/video, web development, social media branding, sales tools, POS, merchandise, and much more. You get the professionalism and strategic execution of a big agency at a cost that maximizes startup capital.

Standing out on the shelf (or in the cooler) in liquor stores, grocery, and other retail venues, is incredibly difficult. Choices are overwhelming, and everyone’s investing heavily to catch the consumer’s eye. With so many brands focused on product differentiation, we feel there’s a general lack of focus on what sets a brand apart. Our process and philosophy of developing a foundational name, theme, story, and personality for a brand and applying that cohesively across products, promotions, packaging, the web, and other consumer touchpoints, is a fresh approach for an industry that has become mired in a superficial design battle.

Our experience and network of resources is also a huge advantage for alcohol brands. We’ve tangled with the TTB, worked with attorneys on claims and regulatory statements, collaborated with mixologists on cocktail recipes, and coordinated with brokers, online sales platforms, and 3PLs to get product to market. We’ve also worked with novel product concepts and brands in the non-alcohol and functional beverage spaces, where our beverage experience is a natural fit.

So, if you’re looking to make serious waves in beer, wine, spirits, canned cocktails, mocktails, cider, mead, cordials, mixers, bitters, or any fermented drink or related product, trust Upstart Food Brands to bring a fresh perspective, a passion for alcohol, and to develop a brand that will compete and win.