It can be easy for long-established and successful CPG brands to coast along on the equity they’ve built, but successful brands become targets for upstart companies that seek to eat into market share and exploit weaknesses. Inevitably, action must be taken to strengthen connections with customers and to maintain relevance in evolving markets.

As an established CPG brand, you might think that a fresh marketing campaign will do the trick, but sometimes it’s a brand’s fundamental positioning and story that’s grown stale. When was the last time you rebranded? Has it been 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? It may be time to invest and recalibrate. Maybe you’re losing market share. Perhaps there’s a new competitor you can’t shake. Use the equity you’ve built to reform your foundation and refocus your brand.

There are always ways to shift strategy and become relevant again. Rebrand and modernize, evolve your packaging to be more green, launch new product lines and extensions to attract new customers, look to penetrate new markets, and innovate to generate industry buzz. We understand the challenges of sprawling product lines that cross categories, and we’ve led strategy changes to reposition brands in their markets.

From your branding to pricing to operations to marketing, allow us to assess the health of your established brand and business, and offer solutions to supercharge growth and inspire evolution; to find new ways to increase market share and allocate resources. Upstart Food Brands can help. Contact us today.