Curious what to expect when you contact Upstart Food Brands? Here’s a quick breakdown of how it all usually goes down.

The first step of your journey with us is to simply reach out through our contact form. Tell us a little about your business and how we can help. We’ll be back in touch ASAP to schedule a time to chat.

During our introductory call, we’ll dig in and provide a ton of value immediately. Our goal is to come away with a clear understanding of your business, your product, and what the shape of an initial engagement would look like. We do individual projects occasionally (a branding or packaging project or an ecommerce website, for instance), but most commonly, we’re tasked with a complete branding initiative or rebranding overhaul. With a focus on building strategic brands that tell a cohesive and consistent story to the right audience at every touchpoint, a beginning-to-end branding project allows us to be our most effective.

We package up everything you need into a formal project proposal that outlines the scope and cost for the work. Our virtual business model allows us to price projects aggressively, and because we understand the importance of cash-flow for small and startup businesses, we typically break project costs into manageable payment plans.

Once a proposal is accepted, we will countersign and return a fully-executed copy of the contract for your records. We do automatic billing to ensure that agreed-upon payments are paid on-time, and so you never have to deal with the hassle of manual payments. We then schedule a kickoff meeting to introduce the project team, discuss initial steps, and get the project underway.

“Upstart Food Brands continues to be a valued partner as we expand the family farm outside traditional commodities into customers’ kitchens. Between branding, packaging considerations and website design, I am greatly impressed with the creativity and quality of their work. I strongly recommend Upstart Food Brands, unless you’re one of our competitors!”