Posted: June 13, 2023  Position: Full Time

Upstart Food Brands, an established (nearly 8 years in business) virtual, boutique, full-service branding and marketing agency based in St. Louis, MO, is looking for an Art Director/Designer who loves design, is passionate about food and drink, and wants to do amazing, meaningful work for small and startup food and beverage brands. This position requires someone with real deal, hands-on experience (at least 5 years) doing brand development, packaging design, web design, and other high-level creative (big bonus points for specific experience with CPG food and beverage brands). We seek someone ambitious, hard-working, and versatile; capable of doing fantastic conceptual work and also executing it with attention to detail – someone who knows a lot, but is always willing and hungry to learn and do more. Great working knowledge of Adobe products a must. Art background and illustration skills a plus. Ideally, candidate will enjoy working collaboratively with a small team and sometimes with clients directly, while also excelling in a self-guided, remote work environment. We offer a competitive salary, progressive time-off policy, and most importantly, an environment where you can truly let your talent shine with a wonderfully refreshing amount of autonomy, flexibility, and creative freedom.

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