Our small in-house team is the foundation of our business, but as a company that seeks to fully support our clients, we’ve built a vast network of vetted resources that we can leverage for our clients beyond the work that we do ourselves in-house. This enables us to be the unique, full-service, one stop shop you likely won’t find with any other agency.

Need help reformulating your product for better shelf life? We can bring in the right food scientist. Looking to bolster sagging sales? We have regional and national food brokers that might fit the bill. Want to find the right co-packer that can work with your product and packaging? We can help you find the right fit. Are you an overseas business looking to establish a brand in the US market? We can connect you with a logistics company to get product into the US, someone to make and pack the product, a warehouse and fulfillment company to distribute it, and a broker to sell it across the country.

So, why partner with a generalized branding and marketing agency to build a generic brand when you could supercharge your investment with a strategic partner that can help you build a food/beverage business? Upstart Food Brands is the one stop shop that can get you from initial concept to thriving product in the marketplace. Contact us today.

“Upstart Foods is a top tier company in branding and design! Their work with Show Me The World Project changed our trajectory. They created an eye-catching logo, website, & coffee bag packaging that captured our mission perfectly! I especially liked how they took a personal approach to really get to know our brand story from our stakeholders. It was very special! Thanks to Upstart Foods, we have secured spots on major grocery store shelves & record breaking donations!”