A common refrain from our clients is that the freelance designers and more generalized branding and marketing agencies they work with don’t often understand the challenges of a food or beverage company, and the resulting work is disconnected, generic, or altogether ineffective. They may try to tell you differently, but expertise really matters.

Our founder, and the driving force behind Upstart Food Brands, Josh Schipkowski, has spent the last 20+ years working with food and beverage businesses of all types, from small CPG startups with a glimmer of an idea to long-established, billion dollar B2B ingredient companies to restaurants and franchises, dropshippers, international brands, pet food startups, and many others.

Upstart Food Brands intricately understands how profitable food and beverage companies work and that perspective allows us to help you build your business, not just your brand. Does your agency partner understand packaging regulations, pricing strategy, trademark law, and food science? Do they get grocer margins and what motivates buyers? And most importantly, do they know how these factors impact how a successful food or beverage brand should be developed? In our experience, seeing so many founders struggle with these essential parts of their business…no.

“After a laborious search for a branding and design agency that fit our needs and budget, we signed with Upstart Food Brands over a number of elite branding agencies on the east coast. They simply packed too much value into their proposal to pass them up. Since then, we have been consistently impressed by their work product and professionalism, and have recommended them to numerous other brands.”

Benjamin Bertan

Owner, Slide