Today’s health-conscious consumer has an almost endless selection of health and wellness products to consider. The global health and wellness market was valued at $4,886.70 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach more than $7,656.7 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2021 to 2030, according to Precedence Research. This includes categories such as dietary supplements, beauty products, cosmetics, fitness companies, health and wellness foods/beverages, and a variety of other products and services that make our lives easier, healthier, longer, and more fulfilling.

With so much competition in the health and wellness space, standing out is harder than ever, and a cohesive, professional brand presence is absolutely critical. Clearly communicating the features and benefits that make your solution superior to the competition is imperative. But, while many brands use science, certified ingredients, clean processing, and other technical points to educate customers on the value of a product, the way that a smart brand makes a meaningful connection with their target consumer is through storytelling. By leveraging not just words, but design, color, typography, packaging, and other strategies together to create a unique and differentiating experience, your brand can tell a distinct wellness story in a way that no other brand can. This is where Upstart Food Brands shines, as our branding philosophy revolves around using storytelling to engage and differentiate.

This is also a space where legal landmines lurk at every turn. Understanding what you can and can’t say to avoid troublesome claims is imperative. Words like “healthy” are loaded terms that the FDA loathes and the consumer can find vague. Claiming that a product can treat or cure a disease or condition is a big no-no. Finding the right words and ways to position a brand’s features and benefits is the most important hurdle a health and wellness business has to clear in order to develop a brand that frames product value in a compelling, responsible, and legally compliant way. Our experience with health and wellness content, claims, and positioning, as well as our connections with legal experts that can provide proper risk assessments and guidance, allows us to help clients avoid these business-killing pitfalls, while offering the consumer a brand and product that aligns with their lifestyle and connects with them emotionally.

In these health and wellness-focused categories, packaging is one of the most meaningful consumer touchpoints. Standing out – online or at the shelf – requires a thorough understanding of the competitive environment, the target consumer, and what packaging form and format positions the product best for a sale. We can help companies – either ourselves or through packaging consultant partners – to choose and source the right packaging, taking into account cost, safety, manufacturing needs, and aesthetic considerations. We can develop an optimal and deliberate information hierarchy on the packaging and ensure that the design reflects brand strategy, storytelling, style, and identity, justifying price point, position, and brand value.

With a strong brand in place, it’s all about sales and marketing. But sales are earned through deliberate actions and planning; through a strategic go-to-market strategy and the right team to execute on it. Do you have a great ecommerce web presence? Is your Amazon shop optimized? Are you leveraging technology to drive sales? Is your email marketing funnel tied in well to your overall digital marketing plan? Are you allocating resources in the right places? Do you have the right broker or sales staff to get your product to the right buyers and retailers? Do you have the strong sales tools geared for the concerns of the retail buyers in your market? These are questions we discuss with clients every day. With the team, resources, vision, and industry knowledge to execute on a great sales plan, Upstart Food Brands can ensure that the health and wellness brand we build will win in its competitive space.