Novel Food Concepts

Sometimes people come to us with completely novel and creative food/beverage industry concepts that don’t really fit into any existing box. Maybe it’s a new app or platform that will change co-packer sourcing. Maybe you’ve developed a new processing technology, but need help to brand and put it in the best light to pitch to investors. Maybe you represent famous musicians who are seeking aligned food or beverage product partnerships. Or, perhaps you’ve developed an innovative platform that will revolutionize online food delivery. Whatever your fresh and disruptive food industry idea, Upstart Food Brands is the ideal partner to help you make it a reality!

Sometimes these ideas are at their infancy. You may think it’s best to wait until you’ve solidified your plans and then reach out, and while that’s totally fine, too, the beginning sparks of an idea are often the best time to contact us! A major strength and passion at Upstart Food Brands is critical, strategic thinking, and with our understanding of commercializing food businesses, we can often provide tremendous value and a faster path to market. With our entrepreneurial mindset and industry expertise, we love the process of thinking through big ideas. We can leverage our vast network of industry resources to ensure that we’re bringing in the right team to explore every angle, understand potential costs, and evade pitfalls. Additionally, because we take confidentiality very seriously, you can always trust that your groundbreaking ideas are safe with us! Reach out today, and let’s explore!