One major benefit of being so engrained in a very specific industry over many, many years is the depth of knowledge and network of contacts we’ve gained. Our complete understanding of the business of commercializing food and beverage brands in the United States – the processes, the players, the markets, and the consumers – is especially valuable to those from overseas looking to establish their international CPG brand in one of the world’s largest markets.

Things that work for international CPG food and beverage brands elsewhere in the world don’t always translate here. Packaging regulations are different, words and names don’t carry the same meaning, and marketing strategies don’t always resonate the same way with the US consumer.

We’ve worked with companies based in (or who have come to the US from) Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Peru, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, India, Bolivia, Laos, Thailand, Zambia, Puerto Rico, and more. Not only did they trust us with developing (or redeveloping in some cases) their brands for the US market and consumer, which is our deepest expertise, our connections with co-packers, food brokers, 3rd party logistics companies, food scientists, printers, packaging suppliers, marketers, food attorneys, and other industry experts has allowed us to provide support beyond brand development to help get product into the country, get it manufactured, labeled, warehoused, distributed, and sold.

Whether you have a great, recognizable international brand that needs to be tweaked to comply with FDA regulations and perform well in the US market, or you seek a completely new presence primed for success, Upstart Food Brands has the expertise and connections to support your US launch.