In many ways, a restaurant is the ultimate local food business. A good concept with a great chef in a wonderful location can make a meaningful impact on a city, a neighborhood, and even a culture. The great ones have lasting, generational influence and success locally, and also as they expand regionally and nationally in the case of quality chains and franchises. Restaurants have stories to tell. Their cuisine, customers, inspiration, and atmosphere say a lot about who they are and where they want to go. Storytelling and identity are critical. Our approach to building brands is ideal for a restaurant trying to establish differentiation in a competitive marketplace.

This is especially important for brands with aspirations to franchise. Developing a brand that not only appeals to a local audience, but can be efficiently adapted for new markets takes foresight, strategy, and planning to equip franchisees for success.

Startup restaurants looking to make waves are a great fit for Upstart Food Brands. We can make a tremendous impact by creating brands that connect with communities, and ensuring that at every touchpoint things like signage, menus, branded cups/napkins/food wraps/boxes/etc., the web, environmental graphics, photography, ad art, social graphics, vehicle wraps, etc., resonate with the right consumer on an emotional level that turns casual customers to die-hard regulars. If you’re launching a serious new restaurant, you don’t want to trust your future to freelancers and friends – you need full-service expertise and professional support.

We can do a lot for established restaurants, too. We can evolve a tired brand looking to rekindle lost relevance as hip, new restaurants have eaten into market share, we can upgrade a web presence, and we can help restaurants expand by establishing new sources of revenue with retail products, ecommerce sales, fun merchandise, and more. We also have some great contacts and consultants in the restaurant industry that can offer food service business expertise to re-envision a concept, evolve menus, find the perfect real estate, fine-tune operations, train employees, and assist with a variety of other hospitality industry concerns.