B2B Food & Beverage

While business-to-business (B2B) food and beverage support hasn’t been a focus since the inception of Upstart Food Brands back in 2015, we have a rich history in the space. Our founder, Josh Schipkowski, spent nearly 14 years as a central figure in the founding and development of MarketPlace, a large food marketing agency with an innovative consumer-centric branding and marketing approach, working with large corporations that manufactured food colors, flavors, ingredients, inclusions, variegates, and more. While a company like MarketPlace may be better suited as a full-service agency-of-record for big, million (and billion) dollar brands due to the depth of their expertise and the size of their staff, smaller companies that can’t afford a big agency or need help with more focused projects can turn to Upstart Food Brands for smart strategy, specialized industry knowledge, and professional, informed execution.

From brand development and naming to product concepts to web design to packaging design to sales tools to marketing and advertising campaigns, we have the resources, experience, and perspective to give you a major advantage in your market(s). Our broad understanding of the consumer at the ground level, having worked with CPG brands, retail buyers, brokers, and other stakeholders, is also a major asset, as we understand the market trends that affect purchase decisions and drive sales, as well as the factors that inform product development, demand, and profit.