Let’s face it – packing nutritious school lunches is challenging! And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Just Google “Nutritious School Lunch Ideas” and you’ll be greeted with around 6,710,000 results. Sure, I know not all of those 6-million results are actually relevant, but clicking through the sea of websites and blog posts offering recipes and ideas for school lunches (school lunches for picky eaters, gluten free school lunches for picky eaters, cold lunch box ideas, etc.) tells me I am not alone.

Though my husband, Josh, humbly claims to do 97.25% of the food and drink prep in the house, packing school lunches for our 8-year old son falls firmly under my purview. It’s a small, but weighty responsibility. Like most parents, I see this task as a delicate balancing act. Send nutritious food, but not so healthy that he won’t eat it without me there to “encourage” him. Pack something easy to eat in a short amount of time – about 20 minutes total – but make sure it packs enough power to nourish his brain and body for the rest of the day. Pick items that are convenient to throw into a lunch box 5 minutes before running out the door in the morning, but make sure they’re not packed with a bunch of sugar and other nasty ingredients that we all hope to avoid. And last, but certainly not least, make sure all items comply with the allergy requirements of the school. The mental gymnastics can be dizzying. The clear heroes in the saga of school lunch prep are products that help check all the above boxes. When I find one, I become not only a repeat customer, but a full-fledged Brand Ambassador, recommending it to other parents, posting about it on social media, and basically behaving as if I’ve discovered a new element of the periodic table.

There are mere seconds to capture someone’s attention as they quickly pass by packed aisles of similar-looking products, many claiming to be “healthy”, “wholesome”, or “nutritious”. Not only does a brand have to solve the consumer’s problem, their packaging must effectively communicate that difference at a very quick glance. Standing out on the shelf means capturing your audience’s attention with a great looking package and relevant claims, but most importantly, it must compel someone to pick it up, put it in their cart, and add it to their life; easier said than done for small and start-up companies with limited resources.

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Sara Schipkowski

Co-Founder of Upstart Food Brands, Sara came on board full-time in 2019, helping food and beverage companies build their brands.