Upstart Food Brands has officially been in business for 8 years now. Happy birthday to us! One thing we’d like for our birthday this year is chocolate. But instead of a decadent bar with 8 candles in it, we’d love to find a chocolate startup to work with!

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies in our 8 years. We’ve developed brands for businesses that make sauces, pickles, salsas, pesto, hot sauce, coffee, mushroom coffee, functional coffee creamer, honey from Africa and New Zealand, different types of spreads, desserts of all kinds, a range of snack foods, functional muffins, nut butters, squeezable sauerkraut, gummy bears, bread mixes and flours, plant-based ice cream, cricket pancake mix, algae milk, popcorn, wing sauce, frozen handpies, frozen arepas and cheese rolls, cookies, sofrito, tea, pizza, toasted ravioli, various dietary supplement products, plant based soul foods, ready-made meals, chamomile candy, waffle mix, carrots and other fresh vegetables, cocktail mixers and syrups, liqueurs, a canned beverage with kava and adaptogens, basmati rice, squeezable guacamole, frozen curry puffs, bottled water, hemp-infused beverages, barbecue sauce, dog treats, dessert sauces, elderberry syrup, chutneys, seasonings, juices, sausages, trail mix, olive oil, and a ton more…but not a single one has been a chocolate company!

Chocolate, like hot sauce, coffee, and other popular staples, is a very crowded space where storytelling and design are absolutely critical to differentiating from the competition and standing out at the shelf and online. Just look at this article highlighting the 16 best chocolate packaging designs of the year! We need to be on this list!

Our approach to building strategic, disruptive brands is a perfect fit for chocolate startups. Our focus on creative naming and concept development, storytelling, our propensity to devise packaging solutions that are creative and dynamic, often employing illustration to visually encapsulate story and theme, etc., makes Upstart Food Brands an ideal partner to elevate your chocolate concept into a thriving business.

Additionally, we happen to have a few primo resources in our extensive network who have built successful national chocolate companies that we can tap into to offer more first-hand insight about the pitfalls, opportunities, and challenges that a chocolate business is likely to face.

And because we’re focused on working with small and startup businesses, you’ll find our prices to be very competitive. We offer beginning-to-end brand development services, packaging up a suite of offerings that typically include brand naming, story development, identity creation, packaging design, photography support, ecommerce web development, social media branding, and sales tools to give you everything you need to get to market and find success.

So, as a birthday present to us, we want chocolate! We’re incentivizing chocolate companies to give Upstart Food Brands a look. We’re confident you’ll find us to be the perfect fit.

Reach out through our contact form, and the first chocolate startup we land a project with that mentions this article, we’ll knock 10% off the project total!

Also, if you’re an established chocolate company that needs to evolve to better compete in your market, we’ll offer you the same 10% deal for a complete rebrand.

Josh Schipkowski

Owner of Upstart Food Brands, Josh is dedicated to helping food brands realize their potential.