In 1991, after owning and operating two highly-acclaimed restaurants for nearly 40 years, Anthony (Tony) Bommarito left the restaurant business and launched A. Bommarito Wines to better support what he felt was an underserved fine wine market in Missouri. With a focus on sourcing high-quality wines from around the world, Tony tirelessly worked to build an unparalleled portfolio that represented the very best from every significant wine producing region in the world. Today, A. Bommarito Wines is a leading distributor of wine and spirits in Missouri, representing more than 150 producers and 1,000 customers across the state.

As Tony has stepped away from day-to-day business operations, his son, Tony Jr., has taken the reins. Having joined the company in 2006, A. Bommarito wines has flourished under Tony Jr.’s leadership. Continually raising the bar for what customers and suppliers should expect from a distributor, the second generation is taking the company’s never-ending focus on quality to new heights.

The formula includes maintaining a first-class stable of legacy producers, as well as being nimble and forward-looking to identify emerging wine-producing regions, up-and-coming wineries, and trends in the marketplace. The result is a sophisticated and diverse portfolio that’s designed to meet any need that their customers may have.

A. Bommarito Wines also recognizes the role that technology plays in providing the highest level of service to its customers. In addition to making significant investments in proprietary software and systems, which allows for a seamless experience for a broad range of customers and suppliers, the company hired Upstart Food Brands to develop a fresh and engaging web presence – something that is surprisingly uncommon in the wine and spirits business.


Developing an effective distributor website requires both functionality and practicality. To adequately serve wine producers, customers (restaurants and bars), and end wine consumers from the same site can be a challenge, but Upstart Food Brands was up to the task. We organized the site architecture, wrote all of the content, and worked with Chris Malacarne Photography to produce a library of photos that would give A. Bommarito Wines a professional look. We also implemented functional features that included a dynamic winery finder, interactive forms, social media integration, filterable staff photo gallery, and robust blog…all at a palatable cost.

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