When it comes to photography, most small and startup food brands are at an extreme disadvantage. Forced to rely on inferior equipment, mobile devices, and sub-par resources, bad photography (and stock photography) can stand out like a sore thumb. With such a thin margin for success in this business, failing to look legitimate can sink an otherwise promising product.

Conversely, great custom food photography can make even the smallest food brands look like big, formidable players in their markets.

That’s why we work with Chris Malacarne (he’s produced a lot of the photography on this website).

We understand how difficult and costly great photography can be…and truly exceptional food photography can be an altogether unfamiliar world to most!

Chris has a sterling, 20+ year reputation as a food photographer, capturing everything from styled food shots to Amazon product images to lifestyle scenes, and the work is consistently stellar. Based in St. Louis (but with clients all over the country), and working out of the legendary 5550 Fyler Ave building, the expansive open shooting space and massive daylight studio at his disposal equip him with the type of photography space that few small brands ever see.

As a passionate entrepreneur, Chris is a huge supporter of small business, and for small brands, this is reflected in his pricing. We bring Chris in whenever possible because, like few others, he can offer a level of photography at a price point that gives our clients a real advantage.

We work extremely well together, and because Chris’s studio is in our relative back yard, we can attend and manage every shoot to ensure our clients a perfect result.

Having a relationship with Chris Malacarne Photography is a tremendous advantage for Upstart Food Brands’ clients. Building great brands is only part of the equation…having the right resources with the right expertise to help get products to market gives our brands a path to sales and growth; and ultimately, that’s what it’s all about. Our vision is to make the dreams of food and beverage companies a reality by elevating small market products to premium brands, but that requires a complete commercialization strategy, and the knowhow to bring all the right players together. Partners, like Chris, who share our vision are invaluable parts of our puzzle.

Scroll down to view a few samples of Chris’s work (some of these were shots we worked on together, some just help showcase his breadth of capability).

Also, check out Chris’s website to view a much larger selection of his work.

Contact us today, and we’ll help coordinate your next shoot!

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