Devour came to Upstart Food Brands having barely gotten off the ground. With a generic logo, less than functional website, and the lack of a compelling story, a business with great potential was already struggling. They needed help.

Corey Ellsworth, owner of Devour, was an accomplished chef with a culinary education and more than 20 years honing his craft at eateries around the world. He recognized a need in the market, and launched a meal delivery service in St. Louis, focused on delivering fresh, healthy, high-quality meals directly to their customers’ doors at an affordable price. With a smart business model designed to keep overhead low, and the advantage of an impressive culinary and kitchen management background, there were a lot of positives to work with.

Unfortunately, Devour wasn’t the first company with a meal delivery concept. Standing out from the pack wouldn’t be easy.

We presented 8 new names, and after considering a the options, we landed on DevourSTL. As an online business with a domain of, designing the logo to include the web address made sense.


We focused the brand story around Corey. His experiences as a chef gave the brand something meaningful to tout. Something different than the competition.

Having been a chef all across the US and abroad, I’ve met some amazing people, and expanded my knowledge of cuisines, cultures, and culinary techniques. But I’ve learned that while eating at a restaurant can be an incredibly enjoyable experience, nothing compares to the warmth of sharing a meal with family and friends in the comfort of your own home. Rather than opening a restaurant, I’ve focused my efforts on elevating the home meal. Time with the ones we love is precious, and if by taking the burden of shopping and meal prep out of the equation I can make your day a little easier, and your soul a little fuller, I feel I’ve done my job.

Devour life.


To tell the story, we needed to spruce up the packaging. We created a wrap-around sleeve for the meal containers that allowed the fresh food to show through the lid, and the design focused on Corey as the culinary face of the new brand.

A new e-commerce website, optimized for search, allowed us to extend the brand story, and to provide a simpler way to purchase. New photography used throughout the site helped to raise the overall aesthetic and appeal of the brand.

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