Green Grocer is a small neighborhood market in Chicago that features organically-grown and locally-produced foods and specialty items. They also produce and sell their own brand of nutrient-dense bone broths. Bone broth aids in digestion and gut health, supports glowing skin, healthy hair and nail growth, and boosts immunity. It’s great as a soup base, hot beverage, or to add flavor to steamed veggies. They simmer their chicken bone broth for 24 hours, and their beef bone broth for 48 hours to extract all the goodness from the bones and feet.

The special care taken in producing this rich, healthful, small batch superfood had to be reflected in a clean label design and relatable, engaging brand story. Upstart Food Brands determined the appropriate sized label to fit their container, and created a clean white design with simple, natural-colored elements, highlighting key differentiators like “Pasture Raised” and “Simmered for 24 hours!”.

In addition to the packaging, we also created case box artwork, sell sheets, POS materials, promotional cards, in-store display pieces, a broth letter that was shipped with online orders, and some photography.

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