In southern Kalamata, Greece, the Liokareas name–pronounced lee-o-carry-us–is synonymous with olives. For more than five generations, the Liokareas family has cultivated, harvested, and cold-pressed premium koroneiki olives into the World’s very best olive oils. Kalamata olives and fresh oregano are also abundant on the Estate, making for a wonderful portfolio of authentic Greek products.

The product line initially launched in the US as Oilio, and while the brand experienced modest success, sales were not meeting expectations. After finding that the name was also being used by a large cooking oil company, Oilio decided a complete rebranding effort was in order.


The company had a tremendous story to tell. The Liokareas family, now based in Pittsburgh, goes back to the farm, located at the foothills of the mountains just south of Kalamata, Greece, every year to work the harvest. Olives are pressed the same day they’re picked, and the cold press never rises above 27 degrees. Traditional burlap sacks are always used to keep damaging sunlight from ever touching an olive. The resulting oil is stored in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, and bottled to order.

This attention to detail, combined with the rich family history, made the decision to rebrand as Liokareas an easy one. Not only is the name meaningful, and the story very worth telling, finding a word that can be “owned” as a brand is often difficult. With no trademark conflicts, great domain names and social media handles available, and very little search competition, a name like Liokareas had great potential for success.


With a new name and logo, Upstart Food Brands set out to bring the Liokareas brand to life. As a very high-end, imported product with a super-premium price point, the design needed to shine. We established a consistent look, using color to clearly differentiate products at the shelf, and developed variations of the brand story for each product. The labels feature spot varnish to highlight key elements against a premium matte finish backdrop. The result is a line of products whose distinct look and engaging narrative elevate the brand above the competition.


As of February 2018, the new labels are about to go to press. The Liokareas website has been updated, and the new packaging has garnered tremendous interest at trade shows and with buyers. Initial sales efforts are proving fruitful, with the client noting that local sales in Pittsburgh are already increasing, with new retailers coming on board every day. With PCS Gourmet Foods involved to expand their sales reach nationally, and new products already set to launch in the near future, we fully expect Liokareas to experience tremendous sales growth as we work together to achieve their business goals.

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