A thoughtful coffee brand
supporting addiction recovery.

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Staying ahead of the game in a category as packed as coffee requires a nuanced understanding of what it takes to stand out in such a competitive landscape. As coffee devotees ourselves, a second (or third) cup to keep our energy up never hurts either.

Good design simply isn’t enough – successful performance demands a holistic strategy that’s rooted in industry knowledge and a firm grasp on the steps of getting to market.

So, when Brainwashed Coffee connected with us and we heard about their meaningful approach to their business, we started brewing another pot and rolled up our sleeves.



The mission of Brainwashed is to offer support (and great coffee) to those struggling with addiction. Located near New York City and currently serving a very diverse population throughout the area, the company donates 50% of all proceeds from coffee purchases directly to two rehab institutions.

Knowing the power of good storytelling as a differentiator, it was important to create a brand that fully showcased the company’s authentic roots, nurtured a quick connection to the worthy cause, and competed in the premium whole bean / ground coffee space. There was a desire for the brand to not take itself too seriously.

Ultimately, we developed a brand story, logo, and supporting visuals and content, including product mockups, that were approachable and a bit lighthearted while honoring the grit of people working through the complexities of addiction.

From the perspective of a new, philanthropic-minded business, a successful launch needed to be driven by function as well as form. Brainwashed needed a website with an effective e-commerce solution to make their lives, as well as sales, easier. We integrated an online store, considering what the client needed throughout the entire process – from online payment processing to efficient fulfillment. Sales collateral rounded out the project.

Coffee. You can’t shotgun it. You can’t double-fist it. All you can do is slow down and sip, and sip, and sip. That’s how you taste the delicate nuance of bean-craft, and you won’t boil your tongue. It’s like life, actually—you can’t live it all at once, can’t control everything. You gotta let go and let coffee. In the steaming hot cup, there’s hope. Brainwashed is based on this belief. We’ve lived it. That’s why 50% of everything we bring in we bounce back out to addiction recovery. Because people are complicated, but coffee isn’t.


With a thorough brand identity bolstered by visual and written assets for use on social media and in marketing efforts, paired with the owner’s inspiring motivation, Brainwashed Coffee hit the ground running with palpable energy.

Check out what Billy, the brains behind Brainwashed, had to say during this interview with Path Coffee Roasters:

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