Cassie Green‘s Elderberry syrup (sambucus nigra) is an incredible-tasting, centuries-old herbal remedy that has been used around the world to treat a host of maladies. Studies continue to show that elderberries stimulate the body’s immune system and support it in fighting (and shortening) colds, flu, viruses, and allergies. But organic elderberries are only part of the story. Cassie Green’s proprietary blend includes raw honey, organic Ceylon cinnamon, and organic ginger. And that’s it…an on-trend, clean label, functional, low-calorie elixir that supports a healthful, holistic lifestyle.

Unfortunately, being great doesn’t always equate to sales. To ensure that the presence of the package on the shelf was as stunning as the contents inside it, Cassie Green came to Upstart Food Brands. With elderberry syrup gaining popularity, the need to stand out against the competition was critical. We developed a unique die cut label that gave the brand a distinct premium look that is quickly recognizable as Cassie Green. We also used a monochrome purple color palette with some simple design elements to create an engaging look that perfectly complements the rich, dark purple of the product, which can be seen through the clear glass bottle. We also created a brand story, which succinctly highlights the product’s features, benefits, and historical origins.


The brand has experienced great success locally in Dallas, TX, and online, and is working to expand their reach nationally. Expectations are high for the brand, as it’s positioned very well in its market. As we build the brand, expand its distribution, and engage with with a broader customer base, there’s tremendous opportunity to win significant market share in a growing segment.

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